Increase your QA productivity by +90%

WitScript is an automatic Desktop Software that detects mistakes in the voice-over QA process from what was originally in the script.

Easy and simple to use

Speed up your QA process

Reduce your project costs by 86%

AVAILABLE IN Windows and macOS

Any industry with a voice over necessity can benefit from WitScript. It does not matter if it is TV series, movies, video games, audio books, news broadcasts, podcasts or e-learning, WitScript will make the voice over QA process much easier and faster.

How it works?


Record the audio script as normal.
Make sure all the changes done
during the recording are reflected
in the script.


Upload the script and the recorded
voice securely to WitScript. We use
deep learning to create a tidy diff
file in a couple of minutes.


It is time for the QA team to check
the diff file. They will process all the inconsistencies flagged by the
system and disregard the unrelated ones. Here is where WitScript speeds up the process the most.


Now the QA team can send the
error report, if any, much faster. Repeat the process with any changes or retakes.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Continuously optimizing algorithm

Algorithms inspired by the human brain, that have been processing audio files non-stop.

Deep learning

Artificial neural networks, learning from the experience provided by large amounts of
data, used to train the deep learning algorithms.

Digital Signal Processing

Mixing A.I. with classic DSP to create something newfangled, state of the art.


Languages supported

(AR, DA, DE, EN, EL, ES, FI, FR, HI, ID, IT, NL, csCZ,NO, PT, RU, SV, TA and TR)

Leading Transcribe Technology

0 %

output precision

Java Script, React.js & Python

As the main programming languages to manage the audio, back-end and neural networks.


With versatility as its main characteristic, JS allows WitScript and WitEdit to be executed immediately from any browser.
The most used language worldwide with a solid base that allows us to grow, evolve, and improve thanks to its flexibility


To help to create interactive user interfaces. Provides simplicity to use and improves user experience.


The most productive language today in the industry of machine learning and data science. It is agile and precise, exactly
what WitSound Technologies’ products need.

the most Competitive pricing you can find

8.99€ per hour runtime audio

Frequently asked questions

WitScript is free to download and install. You will be able to install WitScript on all devices you need for both Windows and macOS. Reach us in the contact sales area and we will send you the link to download.

Once you have contacted our sales team you will be provided with the account for you. In case you are the representative of a company we will provide all the necessary accounts you need.

WitScript is a Pay per hour system: the application will count the hours the software is been used and it will generate and
automatic invoice charging you with the usage at the end of each month.

Our clients will receive an automatically generated invoice at each end of the month, with the detail of the number of hours used per user.

WitScript supports Danish, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamal and Turkish.

The supported script file formats are: .docx, .html and .csv

The supported audio file formats are: .wav, .flac, .mp3, .aiff, .ogg and .m4a

The best of Witscript and Witedit in one place

Cover your Post-production Audio Processes and QA needs with just one Desktop software solution.