The best of Witscript and Witedit in one place

Cover your Post-production Audio Processes and QA needs with just one Desktop software solution.

Easy to use

Simplify your workflow

WitHub allows you to have all the potential of WitScript and WitEdit in just one software to cover all your audio and QA/QC  post productions processes automating them by more than 90%.

everything you need

Jump from WiScript to WitEdit and vice versa. Your audio post-production processes will be automated with our neural networks.

speed up your process

WitScript and WitEdit automate more than 90% of tedious and manually audio post-production processes.

inside withub


A pioneer solution in Audio QA Software, allowing a productivity increase of over 90%.

Coming soon

The easy-to-use voice editing solution. Get rid of all the noises and voice actors’ gibberish automatically.

the most Competitive pricing you can find

8.99€ per hour runtime audio

Frequently asked questions

WitHub is free to download and install. You will be able to install WitHub in all devices you need them for both Windows and MacOS. Reach us in the contact sales area and we will send you the link to download.

Once you have contacted our sales team you will be provided with the account for you. In case you are the representative of a company we will provide all the necessary accounts you need.

WitHub is a Pay per hour system: the application will count the hours the software is been used and it will generate and
automatic invoice charging you with the usage at the end of each month.

Our clients will receive an automatic generated invoice each end of the month, with the detail
of the amount of hours used per user.

WitHub comes with our solutions integrated, so you just need to contact sales to activate them.

You just need to download WitHub. WitHub contains all of WitSound's solutions, allowing you and your team to have a more streamlined process than before, increasing your overall productivity.